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Las Vegas Best Spicy Indian Gandhi

Las Vegas Best Spicy Indian Gandhi has been given numerous "best restaurant awards" by the "Review Journal" by both readers and RJ staff. Gandhi is also my good friend's "favorite Indian restaurant." He has been trying to get me there for months. I went, now I get it - let me share my thoughts with you why this is an exciting restaurant.

Gandhi has been around for years. It is a buffet style "all-you-can eat restaurant" that costs under $10. Yes, you read that right! Their food is a recreation of cooking from both the north and the south provinces of India, and it is based on family recipes that make use of a lot of spices and herbs. Most of the meats are cooked in clay pits. How they can charge so little and be so good will probably remain a mystery.

You will be inspired by the quality of the food. Yes this is spicy food, perhaps it is Las Vegas' best spicy Indian restaurant you will visit, certainly for under $10, it is the best for me. But the spices do not hide the quality of food underneath. Both chicken and lamb meat is superb, tender and tasty.

Basically everything is spiced, except the fresh salad and fruit. But even that comes with a spiced sauce. So really all of it is spicy, good news for spice lovers and boomers on the look out for a hot experience. Spicy foods is in the news a lot, as the new stars of cooking. Note their growing presence in your grocery store, restaurants like "McDonald's" are getting into the act with its Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap.

Don't let the front of Las Vegas Spicy Indian Gandhi fool you, it's shabby for sure. A few steps more and you are rewarded. Inside Gandhi it's huge; the ceiling is at least 30 feet tall. There are 2 rooms as you enter. You may sit in either the small more intimate room on your left, or the main room on your right with the buffet. There are Indian printed materials billowing from the walls. Gandhi is orderly, quiet and clean. The waiters are friendly and can bring you wine, beer or my favorite, mango lassi.

I was inspired by the friendly atmosphere and seductive odor of spices. Make sure you try Chicken Makanwala and the spicy Lamb Vindaloo in the brightly colored yellow-orange sauce. The peppery spice will hit your forehead immediately. Fresh salads start the buffet. Most dishes though are spiced, and open up the nose. It's all you can eat, so try everything. The authoritative use of spices and herbs take you all the way back to India, that's why you see so many people from India here; it's also a great sign. Jain food is available. And Gandhi's also "caters events".

The Las Vegas award winning restaurant Gandhi serves many of the same dishes everyday. But for whatever reason, they do not prepare the same dishes the same way everyday. That is a great idea that more restaurants should try when they have repeat diners.

Gandhi is just minutes from the Strip. It's located at Paradise and Flamingo. A nice walk from Caesars, "Bally's" or "Barbary Coast". If you are in the mood for spicy food, whether you are local or just visiting, make sure you visit Las Vegas best spicy Indian restaurant Gandhi.

Just as an interesting note let me share some information I learned recently about the benefits of spicy foods. Apparently hard-core scientists are looking carefully at India's diet. It seems that curcumin found in the spice turmeric, that orange-yellow sauce you see on everything at Gandhi is the cure-all and preventative against Alzheimer's. Folks in India have 75% less Alzheimer's than we Americans. Gandhi's uses turmeric in practically everything they cook. Get to Gandhi's before the boomers find out about the healthy, spicy food and the long line prevents you from getting the best spicy food at Las Vegas Best Spicy Indian Gandhi.

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